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Plexi Stands for Watches

2,802,90 excluding tax


“Plexi” stands for watches

  • In transparent plexi
  • 7 models for men and women
  • Packaging: individually

Elegant and resistant accessories, designed to enhance and protect your precious watches



Presentation of plexi supports for watches

Plexi watch stands are elegant and modern accessories designed to showcase and protect your precious watches. Made from high quality materials like plexiglass, these stands offer excellent impact resistance and exceptional transparency, highlighting the beauty of your watches. Available in different sizes and shapes, the plexi watch holders adapt perfectly to all styles of watches, from classic models to connected watches.

The benefits of plexiglass stands for watches

The use of plexi stands for watches has many advantages. First of all, these stands protect your watches from scratches, dust and accidental bumps. In addition, they allow you to store your watches in an organized way, thus avoiding tangles of bracelets and scratches on dials. Finally, plexiglass stands for watches are aesthetically pleasing and showcase your watches, whether in a display case, on a shelf or on your bedside table.

How to choose the right plexi holder for your watches

When choosing a plexiglass stand for watches, it is important to consider several factors. First, assess the number of watches you want to display and choose a stand suitable for this capacity. Next, consider the style and color of the stand to match the design of your watches and your interior. Also, make sure the stand is sturdy and stable enough to support the weight of your watches. Finally, consider the ease of use of the stand, especially in terms of assembly and cleaning, to ensure an optimal experience.

Additional information

Weight 0,02 kg

Gusset, Horizontal Man, Vertical Man, Vertical Woman, Vertical Woman, Vertical Straight Man, Vertical Straight Woman

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