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“Mist of the Orient” Home Fragrance


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“Oriental Mist” Home Fragrance by Lansa Diffusion

Top notes : Bergamot, Earl Gray Tea, Neroli

heart notes : Tea tree wood, Jasmine, Mastic tree

Background notes : Gaïac wood, Maté, Musk

  • Made in France in Grasse
  • Size Refill
  • For electric diffuser
  • Packaging: 500 ml PET bottle

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Olfactory pyramid

The olfactory pyramid symbolizes the structure of the perfume. It consists of 3 levels and describes the main notes that we feel
as the perfume evolves over time.

  • Top notes: The top notes are made up of the lightest, most volatile raw materials, which will emerge from the start of the application, and disappear the fastest, between a few minutes and 2 hours. Example: citrus fruits, menthol aromatic notes, eucalyptus.
  • Heart notes: They form the personality of the perfume. Richness and character are given to the perfume by the heart.
    Example: floral, spicy notes
  • Background notes: They allow the trail of the perfume to be more persistent. Complementary to the head and heart, the base is composed of rounder and warmer notes. Example: vanilla, woody, musky, amber notes.

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