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Electric Home Fragrance Diffuser with Polaris LED Lighting

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SKU: 31013

Electric Home Fragrance Diffuser with LED Lighting

It is ideal for pleasantly scenting the sales area of your shop or store, a rest room or a workspace. Its sleek design and ambient LED lighting will allow easy integration into any type of place. The diffuser is controlled from your phone via WiFi or Bluetooth thanks to its dedicated application (Ios or Android). With a capacity of 60ml, it allows an autonomy of +/- 3 days before recharging for a daily use of 8 hours (this consumption will depend on the setting defined).

  • Very simple programming
  • 7 color LED light
  • Silent: < 30 dba
  • Covers an area <300 m³
  • Dimensions: 114 x 114 x 156 mm – Weight: 0.55 kg
  • Voltage: 12V – Power: 5 W – Certifications: CE – Rohs

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Safety instructions :

  1. Switch off the device during recharging and maintenance operations.
  1. Do not tip or tilt the unit to avoid fragrance spillage.
  1. Do not put toxic and harmful liquids into the device.
  1. Keep away from children, in order to avoid electric shock, injury or perfume consumption by mistake.
  1. Regularly use alcohol to clean and maintain the device to prevent clogging of the circuit and nozzle.
  1. Do not bring the device into contact with water.
  1. Please use the device according to the user manual.

Additional information

Weight 0,9 kg
Dimensions 13.9×13.9×23.7 cm


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