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Leader in shop window price display

“Turn” Assortment Box

85,00199,00 excluding tax


Price display range « turn » for increased visibility of your prices in the high or low window

  • Height 5mm
  • 2 possible inclinations
  • 4 colors available
  • 2 packaging: box of 260 or 640
  • Perfect integration in the window

Discover all the price display ranges of Lansa Pricing System !


Colors available (Background/Text):

Black/White, White/Black, Transparent/Black and Black/Gold

Composition of the boxes


The box of 640 elements allows the composition of approximately 120 prizes

The box of 260 elements allows the composition of approximately 50 prizes

The currencies and the complements of figures are ordered by 20 or 100 elements of the same sign or figure. See Restocking

Additional information

Weight 0,20 kg

Box of 640, Box of 260


Black/White, White/Black, Transp./Black, Black/Gold

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