“Titta” Charcoal Welding Device



Compact and efficient, the "Titta" coal-fired electric soldering device is ideal for your optical workshop.

  • Adjustable temperature
  • With foot control
  • Comes with locking clips
  • Weight: 3.8kg
  • EC conformity
  • Made in Italy


The “Titta” is used to weld temple hinges, tenon hinges, tenons, barrels, bridges, bridges, etc.

Welding takes place between the fixed electrode and the carbon electrode.

Features :

Max length 160mm
Max width 165mm
Maximum height 230mm
Machine weight 3.80 Kg
Voltage 230V±10% 115V
Maximum absorbed current 1.6A 3.2A
Powerful 300W 300W
Frequency 50Hz 60Hz
Fuse T 2A L250V T 5A L250V

Additional information

Weight 3.8kg
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